About Us

Empowering Our Community

Iranians Muslim of Western Australia (AKA Ethics and Religion Group) is a division of Iranian Association Inc, an independent, not-for-profit, non-political, charitable, incorporated, community orgainsation, and aimed to create opportunities to allow us to educate ourselves, our members and the wider community on the correct teachings of Islamic principals in accordance with the teaching of the Holy Prophet (SAWS) and His Ahlul-Bayt (AS) through our Marja His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sistani by holding religious programs marking the Islamic calendar events (ie, Muharram and Ramadan) and Religious celebrations (Eids) as well as a monthly “Dua and Spiritual Lecture” program, and to empower our community members through education, identity building and community services.
IMAWA also trying to identify the emerging needs of the community and liaise with relevant agencies to ensure the allocation and provision of resources and services, and to create a better living environment for everyone.

We Exist to Serve

IMAWA aimed to extend cooperation, create coordination, unity and harmony among all Iranians and Muslims in Australia based upon holy Islamic principles and Iranian traditions and culture, to provide services to everyone, and to actively participate in the development and advancement of Australia side by side with other communities. IMAWA does not have any financial support from any corporate or government, and funds itself from members and attendances.
IMAWA is a member of Federation of Iranian Associations of Australia Incorporated and member of Shia Federation WA.


Join Our Events

Monthly Spiritual Gathering

Join us at Majlis-e-Niayesh, an evening filled with inspirational talk, spiritual lecture and recitation of a supplication, on first Saturday of every month, and many other program and gatherings that we hold during the year. List of our prescheduled events could be found at the homepage of this website, as well as on the News & Events section, which serve as notice board of the organisation.

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Events Album

To visit our album containing photos of some of the past events, click HERE

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Audio and Visual Recording Policy

By attending IMAWA events, you consent to being included in any photography or video recordings that may take place and agree for these recordings to be used by us.